BCIT’s Open Education Best Practices and Guidelines

(2019). BCIT's Open Education Best Practices and Guidelines.
TitleBCIT's Open Education Best Practices and Guidelines
AbstractThis document outlines BCIT’s position on Open Educational Resources (OER) and provides guidelines for practice in learning and teaching. The Institute encourages staff, faculty and students to use, create, and publish OER to enhance the quality of the student experience, improve teaching practices, and increase affordability. BCIT also recognises that use, creation and publication of OER are consistent with the Institute’s reputation, values, and mission. These best practices and guidelines provide guidance to faculty and staff in achieving the following outcomes through the utilization of Open Educational Resources (OER) at BCIT: • improve student success through increased access and affordability, • improve teaching efficiency and effectiveness through the ability to focus, analyze, augment, and evolve course materials directly aligned to course learning outcomes, • promote teaching excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. Faculty will be supported in their use of OER to achieve the stated outcomes.
SubjectsOpen Education Resources, Learning, Teaching
NoteGuidelines, Published