BCIT Astronomy 7000

Brewer, J. (2018). BCIT Astronomy 7000: a survey of astronomy. Retrieved from https://pressbooks.bccampus.ca/a7000y2018/
TitleBCIT Astronomy 7000
AuthorsJ. Brewer
AbstractAstronomy is written in clear non-technical language, with the occasional touch of humor and a wide range of clarifying illustrations. It has many analogies drawn from everyday life to help non-science majors appreciate, on their own terms, what our modern exploration of the universe is revealing. The book can be used for either a one-semester or two-semester introductory course (bear in mind, you can customize your version and include only those chapters or sections you will be teaching.) It is made available free of charge in electronic form (and low cost in printed form) to students around the world. If you have ever thrown up your hands in despair over the spiraling cost of astronomy textbooks, you owe your students a good look at this one.