Call for Proposals

In the 2020/21 Mandate Letter from the Province, BCIT is directed to make substantive progress on the following priority: advancing and supporting open learning resources.

BCIT has received funding from BCcampus to continue its open education grant program, to support the adoption, revision, and creation of openly licensed learning resources.

A few advantages of using and developing OER:
• OER is shared in digital format so it is easy to add openly licensed materials to online learning management systems.
• Open licenses give various permissions that usually allow the user to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute the materials.
• OER encompasses a wide range of materials including textbooks, presentation slides, handouts, videos, images, and much more.
• Instructors have control over the learning materials they use in their classroom – OER can be customized or created to support class learning outcomes.
• Students can engage in meaningful class work to help create or improve open learning materials.
• Courses with low or no learning materials costs provide a significant advantage to students in lowering financial barriers to post-secondary education.


NEW Grant Category
Department Open Education Grant – up to $15,000 – this grant goes directly to departments to adopt, revise, or create open education resources. These learning materials must be openly licensed and deposited into the BCIT Open Institutional Repository in an editable format. Use the Department application form below. Deadline: February 15, 2021

Continuing Grant Categories for Individuals
Adoption – up to $250 – review and adopt an open textbook or other open learning resource, this can include minor revisions to customize it

Revision – up to $2K – take an existing OER and make substantial revisions to better suit class learning outcomes

Creation – up to $8K – create a learning resource – this can be in any category or format, eg.: textbook, video series, question or test banks

2021 call
Deadline: February 15, 2021

Individual Application Form
Open Education Grant application form
url for the application form:

Department Application Form
Department Open Education Grant application form
url for the application form:

Open education grant funds when distributed as part-time studies contracts are subjected to tax and benefits deductions.

All learning materials developed in whole or part with the support of an open education grant must be licensed openly and deposited in the BCIT Open Institutional Repository.

Learning materials should be developed using platforms and formats that are as open and editable as possible such as PressBooks. When closed formats are used, editable files, such as MP4s for videos, must also be included with the final project for submission to the Open IR.

Grant money cannot be used for travel expenses or to purchase or rent equipment, hardware, or software.

Review BCIT’s Open Education Best Practices and Guidelines

The LTC and the Library can provide some support for grant projects. Request for this support should be part of the grant application.

Additional Information
Open BCIT is sponsored by the AVP, Education Support and Innovation, and is supported by the Open Education Working Group, the Library, and the Learning and Teaching Centre. BCIT Open Education Working Group supports and promotes the development and use of OER and OE teaching practices. The Group is under the umbrella of Education Council's Educational Technology and Learning Design Committee (ETLDC).


BCIT offers small (up to $5000) Open Education Grants to develop open ancillary resources (test banks, case studies, slide decks, etc.) or to redesign courses to incorporate open educational practices and open course materials. These funds are distributed as part-time studies contracts so are subjected to tax and benefits deductions. The current call for applications is now open and will close February 2, 2020 for the 2020/21 fiscal year.
Open Education Grant application form


The BCIT Open Education Working Group is inviting BCIT Instructors to apply for a BCIT Open Education Faculty Champion/Faculty Fellow Grant in the amount of $15,000. The Faculty Champion/Fellow will collaborate with and be supported by the BCIT Open Education Working Group.

The successful grant recipient will be committed to generating awareness about and increasing the use of OER and Open Pedagogy (OP) at BCIT. They will work with students and faculty to transform the student learning experience at BCIT through the widespread use of OER and OP and will be eager to share their expertise with colleagues and students across the institution.

This grant must be used to include, but is not limited to, the following activities:
• expand open education advocacy with faculty and students
• liaise with the BCIT Student Association and other student groups
• organize/participate in events and workshops
• conduct a small research project or survey focused on BCIT faculty or students and the use of OER/OEP (results to be presented to the Institute and openly published)

The recipient is expected to dedicate a minimum of 240 hours to grant-related activities. The grant timeframe is between January 2020 and March 2021 but does not have to be spread over that entire time.
Please include a letter of support from your manager with your application if you intend to use the funding for release time or engage in this work in a way that will impact your regular duties. Also, please don’t forget to include in the application an outline of your experience in Open Education to date.

Submit your application to on or before Sunday, November 3, 2019.

This opportunity is funded by an Open Education Sustainability Grant for Institutions from BCcampus with matching funds from BCIT.

Questions? Contact Lin Brander (

Open Education Faculty Champion/Fellow Grant application form